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  SOD Choices
  • Our premium sod is 100% Bluegrass for a plush, soft, dark green lawn.

  • Special order a fescue blend for a lawn requiring less water.

  • Pick up sod at 87 County Road 103, Carbondale.

  • 18-46-00  preplant fertilizer.  High phosphorus content stimulates root growth.
  • Slow Release: 25-10-5 provides Nitrogen over a longer period of time.
  • 11-56-00 pre-seed fertilizer.  Perfect for re-seeding.
  • Call (434) 238-5400 for more information about the fertilizers we have in stock.
  • Lichen-covered basalt boulders in various sizes.
  • Call (434) 238-5400 for information about these basalt boulders or to make an appointment.
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